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"In accordance with the with the aspirations of our people, we choose our common banner"Dr.Muhammed Vecih Cuma

The Unification Of Syrian Turkmens Under One Banner

Syrian Turkmen Assembly


"Syrian Turkmen Assembly" established in March 29, 2013, in Ankara, with the high participation of the government officials and bureaucrats of the Republic of Turkey and of the representatives from the Syrian opposition and foreign countries.

The Assembly has been continuing its activities as the umbrella organization of the Syrian Turkmens since then.

In 2019, the Assembly moved its headquarters to Aleppo / Cobanbey, which was freed from terrorism. The Assembly has been carrying on activities aiming to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria, to gain a legal status of Turkmens in Syria with the establishment and protection of the constitutional rights of Turkmens and to realize the ideal of brotherly living in the region.

Our Misson

Syrian Turkmen Assembly, together with the political parties and non-governmental organizations operating under its structure, holds the Turkmen community together, represents them in national and international arena and acts to protect the rights of Turkmens.

Our Vision

Syrian Turkmen Assembly which is the sole representative body of Syrian Turkmens, together with the political parties and non-governmental organizations operating under its structure, aims to carry Turkmen community into future in unity.

Our Values

Syrian Turkmen Assembly aims to secure the political, social and constitutional rights of Turkmens, to ensure the return of Turkmens to the regions that they had to flee as a result of forced migration and to protect the historical Turkmen presence in Syria in this way.

Date of Establishment 2013

The Statement of the President of Syrian Turkmen Assembly


Syria is the homeland of our ancestors and will be our homeland forever.

We have to return to our homeland in order to be part of the Syrian Revolution and to contribute to its victory only in this way Syria will be free and dignified. 

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Quotations Mentioning the Assembly

Syria Turkmen National Movement Party is one of the main political elements of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly; therefore, we always follow the general strategy determined by the Assembly and strive to support the Assembly in its struggle for our people and for the Revolution to realize its objectives.

Ziad Hasan

The President of the Syria Turkmen National Movement Party
As the Syrian Turkmen Assembly, our first priority is to provide Syrian Turkmens with a legal status in Syria. Because it will serve as a title deed for Syrian Turkmens in the following years. If there is no legal status, other gains and other developments will be meaningless.

Dr. Cemil Dogac IPEK

Coordinator of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly
Our Party (Syrian Turkmen Development Party) is one of the main political elements of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly and operates under the framework of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly. Our basic principle is the unity and solidarity of our nation. Our party strives to realize all the desires of our people that seem difficult to achieve.


President of the Syrian Turkmen Development Party
Since its establishment, the Syrian Turkmen Assembly has been a source of hope for Turkmens living throughout Syria with its policies and strategies. The Syrian Turkmen Assembly has been in favor of the rightful struggle of the Syrian people against the cruel Assad regime since 2011 and has become an integral part of this struggle. Today, the Syrian Turkmen Assembly has become one of the most important actors of the Syrian opposition with its support for the right struggle of the Syrian people. Moreover, in recent years, the Assembly pursued an active policy and carried out important political, social and cultural activities in the areas cleared of terror as a result of the Turkish Armed Forces’ and the Syrian National Army’s joint efforts in the operations of Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring. The Syrian Turkmen Assembly attaches great importance to the issue of Bayırbucak, which is one of the symbolic regions of the struggle against the regime in Syria. The Syrian Turkmen Assembly has fought and continues to struggle on every platform and in all areas in order to liberate Bayırbucak, which is largely under the control of the regime and the militias that support the regime.

Fatma Nur Kafi

Syrian Turkmen Population Party

Syrian Turkmen Political Parties